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Create your Brand Loyalty the way you want. Starting from design, product ideas, and packaging.

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Everything is designed the way you want. Starting from the product idea, packaging design, and the brand itself

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Our formulations, packaging designs and manufacturing produce products that meet your standards.

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Our production results are guaranteed, so you can save your money by choosing us and our services are guaranteed

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PT. Anugrah Original Bionatura Indonesia is a company that focuses on Toll Manufacturing Maklon, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), private labeling and Consulting in the development of powdered food and beverage formulations.

Established since 2014 in Jakarta, PT. Anugrah Original Bionatura Indonesia was built as a form of urgency for the powder drink industry with local products that can compete globally.

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PT. Anugrah Original Bionatura Indonesia serves the powder drink manufacturing process from research & development, raw material formulation, quality control, packaging, product delivery to the customer warehouse.

Our company is equipped with advanced and adequate production facilities so that the quality of powdered drinks is guaranteed to be Halal, safe and harmless to health, because we have trusted professionalism in manufacturing powdered drink tolling services. Our company has BPOM, MUI, ISO, GMP and HACCP certificates.


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As a manufacturing company for powdered beverage products, we can create a variety of powdered beverage products according to your wishes and needs. We can be an ideal partner if you want to launch your own powder drink brand. We will partner with you to develop a powdered drink formulation that fits your brand's vision and mission. We help you from the process of product conceptualization, formulation development, final product setup or customization, as well as final product branding.



Complete Certified
Our business already has a certificate from HALAL, GMP and registered with the POM

Reliable Experts Human resources who are experts and experienced in Research & Development in producing products.

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